Frieda Watt has published two novels. Her latest novel is titled “Underneath the Broken Sky” and is available on amazon by clicking here.

The Displaced

Marie Levesque is a young woman growing up on the shores of Ile Royale as the French Empire collapses on the battlefields. Britain and France are once again at war. The conflict has spilled over into the North America of 1744.

With the threat of war looming on the horizon, Marie struggles to find her place. As a young woman, her life is just beginning. Her friendship with Pierre promises of something more. But the British promise not only to defeat them but annihilate their very way of life.

As empires collide, Marie and Pierre are catapulted into a world they do not understand – a world of spies, treason, and revenge.

Not only must they fight to survive the war, but they must also fight to stay together despite the forces that threaten to tear them apart forever.

Reader’s Favorite 5 STAR Review

Reader's Favorite 5 Star Review - The Displaced“Frieda Watt has written an epic historical romance set in the famed and doomed Fortress of Louisbourg during the final years of French
dominance in the new world. The Displaced traces the lives of four
young people as they struggle to make their lives together in a
world fraying at the seams. The setting is well depicted and the
reader instantly feels like they are walking the streets of Louisbourg
with these four young people, Marie, Nic, Elise and Pierre. The
difficulties the residents of Louisbourg faced, during the siege and
before and after, is evident as the struggles to survive are
paralleled with the attempts to nurture a relationship in a difficult
time, under stressful circumstances. This is a heartrending,
passionate story, though fictional, about a real place, a real time
and a real struggle. A powerful story of love and survival.” – Emily-Jane Hills Orford, Reader’s Favorite