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Bookbub Deal

On Sept. 19, 2018 my book, The Displaced: Fall of a Fortress will be featured in the historical fiction category of their email campaign and be sent to 2.7 million subscribers. It is offered for FREE on Sept. 19, so make sure to subscribe to Bookbub so you get the email!


New review today

I love hearing your feedback.  Was happy to hear of the great reading experience of this reviewer. Check the reviews page for more reviews. I was surprised that he read the book in only 4 days!

Thank you,  John.

Here is what John had to say:

“Review of the Displaced: This writer richly describes the environment in and around the New France area where her novel takes place and uses proper French terms to further enhance the location and the time period. The book has a nice pace and story flow which makes for an enjoyable read where the plot keeps the reader’s attention, and, in my opinion, is well written.  I think this writer is among the best I have read in some time. She manages to describe the fascinating fauna/flora surroundings in vivid detail without bogging down the strong, page-turning plot narrative. The characters are authentic and well-developed.  The plot is well-managed and all loose ends seem to be finished and well cared for.  This book naturally will have possible follow ups to this “family saga” since this one was so enjoyable but it ended too soon. I look forward to her next book.”  -JPP